Extensibility With Dataiku

Expand Dataiku’s native capabilities with custom components and amplify your impact on business outcomes.


Integrations with Generative AI Services

Dataiku includes integrations to leading Generative AI services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT with more coming soon. With Dataiku’s technology and algorithm-agnostic approach, your team will always have access to the best Generative AI services and models giving you maximum agility and performance at the best cost to meet your business needs.


Public and Proprietary Plugins

Dataiku provides the flexibility to package custom code components in a GUI and share them with others as plugins. These specialized components extend Dataiku’s native functionality in a seamless way for end-users, with custom visual recipes, datasets and connectors, webapps, processors, and more.

Download and modify hundreds of free, open source plugins in Dataiku’s public plugin store, or create proprietary plugins for exclusive use within your own organization.



No-Code Application-as-Recipes

With the application-as-recipe feature, citizen data scientists and analysts can design and package a Dataiku flow into a visual recipe that’s reusable in other projects — without requiring code.

These custom recipes allow even non-technical users to simplify and systemize repeatable workflows for themselves and their teammates in a scalable way.


Custom ML

Advanced data scientists can extend the visual ML interface by  adding a custom Python algorithm, or programmatically developing custom models using Python, R, Scala, Julia, Pyspark, and other languages, or by importing models developed with MLFlow. 

To ensure external efforts are captured and interpretable to the rest of the team, Dataiku captures the details of MLFlowthese  experiments or Cloud ML models and automatically provides model comparisons and explainability reports.

Regardless of where a model is developed, Dataiku remains the central platform for deployment, monitoring, and governance.


CI/CD with APIs for DevOps

Robust APIs enable IT and ML operators to programmatically perform Dataiku operations from external orchestration systems and incorporate these tasks into existing data workflows. Dataiku integrates with the tools that DevOps teams already use, like Jenkins, GitLabCI, Travis CI, or Azure Pipelines.

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Custom Web Apps Using Dash, Streamlit, Shiny, and More

Dataiku supports interactive web app development from design to delivery, so business audiences can interactively use data and predictive insights to drive better customer experiences and outcomes. 

Configure pre-built visual templates or code a fully custom web app using leading data science visualization frameworks such as Dash, Bokeh, R Shiny, JavaScript, and Streamlit. 

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