Driving AI Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry With Dataiku

From accelerating drug discovery to improving clinical operations and manufacturing or optimizing commercial outreach and patient outcomes, Dataiku Solutions elevate all parts of the business with AI. With pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates, transform and enhance existing workflows with the power of data, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

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Enhance & Accelerate Complex Processes With AI

Put the power of data in the hands of the many with these Dataiku Solutions, all while ensuring AI efforts are collaborative, transparent, and explainable, a proven formula for increasing efficiencies and improving patient outcomes.

Optimizing Omnichannel Marketing

Identify key channel drivers of HCP brand adoption and design more effective marketing tactics for all drug prescribers.



Accelerate the discovery of potential Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) signals from spontaneous reporting systems to reinforce safety and compliance of your marketed drugs.


Drug Repurposing Knowledge Graph

Explore complex relationships between drugs, diseases, and genes to build a drug biomedical knowledge graph. Accelerate identification of drug repurposing opportunities.


Social Determinants of Health

Discover where community-level social disparities and vulnerabilities align with chronic disease prevalence to drive therapeutic access and health equity programs.


Clinical Site Intelligence

Easily uncover similar and/or competitive studies as well as clinical trial sites leveraged, run site reviews, identify selections in novel studies, and get access to sponsor overviews to guide data-driven decision making.


Enhance Operational Efficiency Across the Business

During strained economic periods with increased cost pressures, making all processes across the organization even more efficient comes into focus. Dataiku Solutions help get pharmaceutical organizations up and running with these initiatives even faster.

Process Mining

Create a visual map of your processes based on readily available process logs. Quickly deep-dive into specific processes, analyze outliers, and apply powerful statistical techniques to enable remediation & optimization efforts.


Demand Forecast

Forecast the future demand for your products at your preferred granularity. Define your time horizon and look into the future to optimize stock allocation, optimize pricing strategies, and much more.

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Market Basket Analysis

Extract key business patterns from your sales: optimize product assortment and pave the road to recommendation.

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Delivery Dock Optimization

Leverage tracking data of incoming trucks to manage their allocation to your warehouse’s docks throughout the day and optimize yard management efficiency.

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Do Even More With Dataiku

Generalized Linear Models

This plugin makes it possible to train, score, and deploy Generalized Linear Models from the VisualML interface.

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Visual flow

Simplify collaboration and explainability of data workflows (no matter how big or complex) with Dataiku's unique visual flow.

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Automate actions and workflows in Dataiku to leverage powerful scheduling capabilities.

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The Neo4j plugin allows DSS users to read and write from/to the Neo4j graph platform. Neo4j offers a popular database and language (Cypher), which lets users query and analyze graph data structures.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Dataiku has been a huge part of the analytic democratization process that we use. It’s really supercharged us.

Debbie Reynolds — Vice President, Enterprise Data Solutions & Engineering at Pfizer

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