Dataiku: Bringing Finance & Audit Teams into the Age of AI

Finance teams (including staff working on tax and auditing) at top organizations use Dataiku — the world’s leading data science, machine learning, and AI platform — to address data quality issues, increase reporting efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately reduce days or weeks of manual work every month.


AI Applications and Use Cases for Finance & Audit Teams

Financial Forecasting

Transform your forecasting process by streamlining your data process and improve accuracy through machine learning.


Real Estate Pricing

Deep dive into real estate pricing key factors and predict residential real estate prices at individual and portfolio levels using an easily customizable project.


Financial Forecast Emailer

Make sharing financial forecasts easy for FP&A teams with Generative AI-powered report generation, brought to you by Dataiku.


Do Even More With Dataiku


The Neo4j plugin allows DSS users to read and write from/to the Neo4j graph platform. Neo4j offers a popular database and language (Cypher), which lets users query and analyze graph data structures.

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This plugin provides custom policy hooks to document personal data in datasets, configure project-level forbidden actions and generate reports in relation to the GDPR regulation

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Dataset Audit

This plugin provides a recipe to generate a data quality audit report on a dataset

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THREAD™ together your Dataiku datasets and created definitions to formalize a catalog for improved understanding and governance. A free, lightweight cataloging tool, THREAD™ ties together your data lineage and provides a single location to document data connected to Dataiku. Create efficiency and maximize your data with THREAD™.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It

Dataiku has been an excellent partner in helping us advance the use of data analytics in my function (internal audit). The self contained tool allow us to quickly develop data science solutions without the need of owning and maintaining a data science platform. Highlights include process mining, webapp platform and drag and drop solution suited to train a less savvy data analytics population.

Senior Audit Manager in Finance