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Making Everyday AI A Reality In The Age Of Generative AI

There's no doubt that Generative AI unlocks countless opportunities. But unless you’ve mastered the basics, Generative AI use cases are just a pipe dream. In this session, Christina Hsiao, Product Marketing Director at Dataiku, talks about achieving those foundations for Everyday AI — democratization, acceleration, and trust.

Discover How Organizations Use Dataiku

How Air Canada Has Democratized & Accelerated Their Data & AI Projects

Learn how Air Canada has built and runs democratized processes across multiple functions, teams, and experts to achieve extraordinary ways to improve work and customer experience.

How Teams Are Creating Readiness & Streamlining Innovation With LLMs

This panel of visionaries and real application innovators covers how they're taking Generative AI — more specifically large language models (LLMs) — from theory to practice.

If An AI Project Falls In A Forest And Doesn’t Produce Any Business Value, Does It Make A Sound?

Conor Jenson, Field CDO, and Abdul Shaik from Regeneron discuss how they are harnessing exponential scale data and utilizing dynamic insights to process AI-supported improvements.

Remodeling a Data Practice From the Inside Out With Insperity

The Insperity team discusses how they’re transforming their data practice from the inside out to set themselves up for scale, while balancing a unique data governance challenge.

Follow the Rise of Generative AI

The Future Of Generative AI With Dataiku & The LLM Mesh

Dataiku CTO and Co-Founder Clément Stenac discuss how Dataiku helps control costs, decouple applications and service layers, and ensure safe use of Generative AI technology via the LLM Mesh.

Putting Generative AI To Work With Pinecone, AI21 Labs, and NVIDIA

Dataiku CEO and Co-Founder Florian Douetteau and Pinecone CEO Edo Liberty cover how organizations can go from theory to action, implementing real-life use cases that bring real business value.

New Generative AI Features In Dataiku

Hear from Dan Darnell, our VP of Product Marketing, and Elise Salamanca, our Senior Director of Product Management, on how to build Generative AI Apps with new features in Dataiku.

Real-World Applications Of Generative AI With Dataiku Solutions

Discover how Dataiku Solutions — off-the-shelf, starter projects and assets for common use cases — can help accelerate your team's speed to value and solve industry challenges in a fraction of the time.

Lightning Panel: Generative AI and the Actionability of Using AI Today

Dive into the opportunities and recent advancements in Generative AI, discussing its value proposition and its potential to revolutionize various industries.

How to Scale Generative AI Initiatives in Your Business With Aimpoint Digital

Dive into strategic approaches and recent advancements in Generative AI with a roadmap to effectively leverage its value and catalyze transformative changes across various business sectors.

Learn Best Practices From Experts

Choosing the Right Operating Model for Everyday AI With Schlumberger (SLB) and Deloitte

Experts from SLB, Deloitte, and Dataiku explore best practices for building an operating model aligned to an organization’s goals.

Improving With MLOps: Three Steps to Operationalize at Scale

Gain insights into best practices and strategies for efficiently productionizing and monitoring ML models, including the latest features from Dataiku.

Operationalizing Large Language Models

This session will guide you through the complete journey, spanning from the initial stages to deployment, while emphasizing the crucial aspects of ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Successful Analytics & AI Governance: Balancing Agility With Oversight

Learn how Dataiku can establish governance processes to monitor project progress, keep stakeholders in the loop, and identify potential risks and expected value to safely and efficiently deliver AI.

A Well-Oiled Machine: Create Sustainable Data Pipelines With Dataiku

Learn how Dataiku supports the maintenance and operations of data pipelines through metrics, checks, and data drift notifications for clean, reliable, and timely data across the enterprise.

7 Stops for Improving Model Metrics

Discover creative model strategies and 7 stops for improving model accuracy in your AI projects.

Hear From our Top-Notch Partners

Building Success With Generative AI, Dataiku, & Databricks

This talk will showcase the ease in extensibility features between the technologies and feature a thought-provoking fireside chat.

How Snowflake & Dataiku Supercharge Everyday AI Together

Discover how Dataiku and Snowflake have created a secure, performant, and scalable environment to help customers leverage Generative AI.

Power Your AI/ML Workloads in the Snowflake Data Cloud

Learn how to use Snowflake to power your AI and ML workloads and bring generative AI and LLMs to your enterprise, governed data with the latest innovations coming to the Data Cloud.

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