Join a Live Demo of Dataiku

Discover Dataiku with different interactive and live events - or on-demand.

Your Chance to Explore Dataiku - And Ask All Your Questions!

Our sales engineering team runs demos to introduce the key capabilities of our end-to-end platform for Everyday AI!

  • Watch a live demo: Join an interactive demo where you’ll be able to ask questions and get a look at Dataiku’s end-to-end data science platform. We’ll walk through Dataiku capabilities around data prep, autoML, self-service analytics, and more!
  • Attend a 2-hour Hands-On Workshop: Gain intimate, firsthand experience with Dataiku to better understand the platform’s key capabilities. These are limited space so you will have to apply to participate.
  • Join a Show-and-Tell: Discover the possibilities beyond the basics by diving deeper into Dataiku with a different use case every month.
  • Or watch a previous demo on-demand!




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