Turn the Business Into AI Builders with Dataiku & AWS

With Dataiku and AWS, expert data science and business teams work together to create data and analytics projects using the collaborative, visual experience of Dataiku and the services for machine learning, AI, and elastic cloud infrastructure from AWS.


Deliver More Solutions on the Cloud

Deploy more solutions faster and at a lower cost on AWS.

  • Start faster with pre-built, customizable Dataiku solutions
  • Build custom solutions quickly with built-in automation, reusable components, and AWS services like Rekognition and Comprehend
  • Take advantage of elastic cloud computing resources on AWS, including EKS and EMR

Empower Your Business Experts

Empower everyone to access data and build advanced analytics using the power of AWS.

  • Access data in AWS S3, Redshift and RDS databases and use a visual, no-code
    environment to prepare data and AutoML to build predictive models
  • At the same time, data scientists can continue to use their preferred AWS AI/ML services
  • With Dataiku, everyone works together in a single environment to create and deploy solutions, making everyone more efficient and effective

Build Trusted Analytics & AI

Build and maintain trust with oversight, processes, and transparency.

  • Business teams build visual projects and pipelines that are transparent, auditable, and thoroughly documented
  • Data experts can provide oversight for business projects
  • Executives have complete visibility into the analytics program and can put governance processes in place to ensure proper review

Watch a Demo

Discover Dataiku's end to end capabilities by exploring a real life use case around environmental impact - in just 13 minutes.


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The Total Economic Impact™️
Of Dataiku

A composite organization in the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dataiku saw the following benefits:

70 %+

reduction in time spent on data analysis, extraction, and preparation.

42 %

reduction in time spent on model lifecycle activities (training, deployment, and monitoring).

413 %

return on investment

$ 23 .5M

net present value over three years.

312 Ratings

Ratings as of February 2024 in the Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms Market

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